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The History of Kloster Seeon

The Regional Administration of Upper Bavaria with its head office in Munich purchased the former monastery complex in 1986 and had it fundamentally renovated with a view to saving this cultural monument from further dilapidation and putting it to good use.
When the Centre for Culture & Education of Upper Bavaria was opened in mid-1993, Kloster Seeon Monastery once again moved back into the public eye, thus reviving centuries-old spiritual traditions in a new perspective.
Although there are no longer any monastic orders living in “Kloster Seeon”, the Benedictine rule still serves as source of inspiration and timeless guidance for its present-day use.
Conference guests, culturally minded visitors and tourists from all over the world have in the meantime re-discovered the jewel of Kloster Seeon.
A short excursion through the centuries ...
The history of Seeon at a glance
from "Kloster Seeon" by Lothar Altmann, Kunstverlag Josef Fink, 2011;
This short art guide can be purchased for € 7.80 at the Monastery Shop;

Seeon’s History at a Glance

994: Foundation of the Abbey according to the Record of Seeon Abbots. The donors are Count Aribo I and his consort Adala, who invite Benedictines from St. Emmeram in Regensburg. ...